2021 Michigan Library Appreciation Month

Get ready to celebrate Michigan Library Appreciation Month! This October we are celebrating Michigan libraries and library staff and highlighting all the many ways libraries keep our communities connected!

Join us in participating in Michigan Library Appreciation Month and help us highlight just how much of an impact our libraries have made in the lives of Michiganders and how libraries and library staff help keep us connected while we need it most.

There are several ways libraries, library staff and patrons can get involved! Check out promotional resources including a content calendar with suggested activities and posts, social media and website graphics, social media graphic templates, a sample press release and more. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our daily posts featuring fun facts, stats and inspirational quotes to help spread the Michigan library love. 

Plus, don’t forget to register to join hundreds of Michigan library professionals online on October 13-14 at the MLA 2021 Virtual Conference to Connect to the Future, and plan to tune in on October 13 to celebrate and honor outstanding libraries and library workers at the Michigan Library Awards!

Help us Celebrate Michigan Libraries! 

Check out social media ideas, newsletter copy, graphics and more resources and easy ways to participate in Michigan Library Appreciation Month and plan to join the celebration to highlight Michigan libraries, librarians, and library workers all October long!

To help promote Michigan Library Appreciation Month to your community we’ve created a calendar of ideas! Use these prompts on social media, your website, e-newsletters, etc. Some are plug-and-play links for you to copy and share. Some are prompts to personalize. Some are ideas to highlight your library and all that it contains – the building, the collection, the staff, and the fun!

Have fun with this and remember to hashtag your posts #LOVEMILIBRARIES and #MILIBRARYMONTH so we can share the library love! Check out the public Google Calendar (please scroll to October to see suggestions).

Graphics and Templates

Social Media

Download social media graphics and check out our Canva templates to create your own Michigan Library Appreciation Month Posts.

Printable Posters

Download printable posters or use our Canva template to create your own!

Michigan Library Appreciation Month - Printable Connect to... Posters.pdf


We will offer several ways libraries, library staff and patrons can get involved. In August, we ask that you submit the Michigan Library Appreciation Month proclamation to your local elected officials to give them time to proclaim their support! Issuing a proclamation can sometimes take a few months but it's simple to do. Just identify a council member, mayor or supervisor to sponsor the proclamation and check out your local city, county or township website for contact information.


Press Releases and Newsletter Copy

A great way to celebrate and promote your library during Michigan Library Appreciation Month is by sharing news of how your library continues to connect your community to resources and information. 

Check out our press release templates and sample patron newsletter copy! You can edit and customize the drafts to highlight how your library is keeping your community connected. 

Whether your library connects patrons to trusted health information, fun events or programs that bring people safely together, or your library connects patrons to tools and supplies to finish a project or start a hobby, technology like wifi hotspots or tablets to connect patrons to the internet, or books and entertainment for a break from the stress of the pandemic - this is a great time to get the word out about the wonderful things your library does.


Member/Patron Newsletter Copy

October is Michigan Library Appreciation Month! 

This October, the [Name of library] is helping to highlight the valuable ways in which libraries and library staff across the state have been keeping communities connected to resources and content that informs, entertains, and enlightens. 

We invite you to connect to the library this month online or in person! You can explore a variety of digital content, from ebooks, audiobooks, movies, games, and more--including virtual storytimes and events hosted via Zoom--all from home. Or visit the library in-person to browse the shelves, get reference help or book recommendations, or hop on public computers and wifi. [add your programs or services]. All of these services are free! The connections can continue to happen, at home, on the go, or now, finally, in person! 

Don’t have a library card? It’s easy to sign up. [add instructions like “Visit us online at www.website.org, visit our circulation desk, or contact us with any questions at [phone] or [email]”].

Michigan Library Appreciation month is a statewide observance sponsored by the Michigan Library Association (MLA) and libraries of all types across the state each October. 

For more information, visit the library’s website at [provide URL]. 

Share the Library Love

Throughout October, [Name of Library] invites patrons and all Michiganders to show their appreciation and support for our libraries and all the amazing people who work in them! Share a post about the library services you appreciate most of all--using the hashtag #MILibraryMonth and #LoveMILibraries – and don’t forget to follow us and tag us on social media! [ add your social media handles/links]

Want to be featured on social media by the Michigan Library Association (MLA)? Share a photo and quote about how your library connects you to what matters most. MLA is collecting quotes or testimonials and corresponding photos from Michigan residents about why they love their library, how their library has kept them connected to the community, resources and information, or how a library worker impacted their life during the past year.  Visit MLA's website to submit your photo and quotes.

Submit a Photo or Quote

Share quotes or testimonials and photos from your library patrons or staff to help us celebrate Michigan’s libraries this October!

We are collecting quotes or testimonials and corresponding photos from library personnel and Michigan residents about why they love their library, how their library has kept them connected to the community, resources and information, or how a library worker impacted their life during the past year.  

We are looking for original photos that tell a story! Examples include photos of library curbside services in action, patrons attending virtual programs from home, photos of library workers mentioned in a quote, or patrons using library services in the library. 

We know many libraries collect quotes and testimonials, will you help us celebrate all Michigan libraries this October by sharing the feedback you are most proud of and a corresponding photograph?


Uniting the Michigan Library Community

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