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Letter From MLA Staff

November 18, 2021

At this time of thanksgiving as the holidays approach, the MLA staff took a few minutes to reflect on our work and why we are thankful for MLA, libraries and library staff. Our days are filled with supporting you and making sure all needs are met to the best of our ability. Each of you brings your own unique talents and wisdom to this profession and it is our honor to work with you every day.


Seeking Database Coordinator for MLA

Jump in and connect with statewide library members! Jump in and connect with statewide library members! 

The Michigan Library Association (MLA) is a statewide advocacy and service organization with close to 2000 members throughout Michigan. Our mission is to lead the advancement of all libraries through advocacy, education and engagement. MLA is seeking a Database Coordinator to work in a team-oriented remote environment. 

The Database Coordinator is an entry-level position and will assist senior staff members of MLA working primarily with MLA’s Association Management System to maintain the member database including member, vendor and sponsorship records; build and troubleshoot elists, forms, and registrations; and update the MLA website.  Also responsible for support of MLA events and other general operations. A full job description can be viewed here:  MLA Database Coordinator 2021.pdf


Movement on the MLA Board of Directors

October 28, 2021

It is with regret that MLA has accepted the resignation of Kelly Richards as the MLA Board President. Kelly has accepted the position of Director of the Free Library of Philadelphia. While Kelly won’t be leaving Michigan until the middle of January, he let us know that his concentration would need to be focused on closing down his role at the Muskegon Area District Library and putting his full energy into preparing for his new role in Philadelphia. 


Penal Fines Distributed to Public Libraries

October 28, 2021

While it is true that penal fines have never been intended to be a primary source of a library’s budget, some Michigan public libraries rely on penal fines as an important and reliable “piece of the pie.” Linked here is the chart of penal fine distributions for public libraries compiled by Kathy Webb at the Library of Michigan.


Call to Action - Contact Your Representatives to Oppose Legislation That Diverts Penal Fines

October 14, 2021

House Bills 4535 and 4536 were introduced earlier this year by Rep. Ken Borton, R-Gaylord. House Bill 4535 (HB 4535) would prohibit wheeled vehicles from driving on snowmobile trails between December 1 and April 1. House Bill 4536 (HB 4536) would direct the fines from these violations to be deposited into an account for the further maintenance of the snowmobile trails.

On Thursday, June 17, both bills passed out of the Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation to the Michigan House of Representatives on a unanimous vote, despite MLA testimony in opposition. Today, the bills were read for a second time in the House and are headed to a vote next Tuesday, October 19. This is a Call to Action by MLA to oppose House Bill 4536.


State of Michigan Budget Updates

September 23, 2021

Last week, legislative leadership and Governor Whitmer’s administration issued a joint announcement that a budget deal had been finalized for the FY22 state budget.  On Tuesday, Sept. 21, legislative leaders moved a massive $50 billion spending plan out of a joint House-Senate conference committee that has shaped the FY22 general government omnibus budget.  On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the House and Senate, in separate votes,  gave quick approval to the spending plan. The Governor has indicated she will sign it in time for it to take effect for the new fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

Linked here is the summary of the General Omnibus Conference Report which outlines the updates and changes to the General Fund:


Call for Nominations for 2022 Board Elections

September 23, 2021

MLA has seats to fill and the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC), chaired by Past President Jennifer Dean, is looking for interested candidates to fill four at-large seats plus a President-elect and an ALA councilor position on the MLA Board of Directors, with terms beginning in July 2022 and ending in June 2025. 

Each year in September, the call for nominations for the MLA Board opens. This year we invite each and every one of our members to apply – individuals representing any type of library, any staff position within the library (not just directors), any size and budget, and in any geographic region of Michigan. 

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