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MLA’s “Primary Source” is an exclusive, first-hand account of the latest news and announcements from the staff of the Michigan Library Association.


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News and Views

News and Views is a monthly roundup of curated articles from around the web keeping members up to date on the latest news and trends in the library profession. News & Views is an exclusive benefit of MLA membership delivered the second Thursday of every month.

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Monthly Legislator Outreach

MLA shares a monthly communication with our elected officials where we continue to educate them on the value of our libraries and the critical role of library staff. These monthly updates include information on programs and services that libraries provide, education on library funding, the return on investment for our communities, stats and fun facts about library usage and more.

Letter to Legislators - January 2024 (Introducing Legislative MLA Priorities)

Letter to Legislators - August 2023 (MI Right to Read)

Letter to Legislators - July 2023 (Penal Fines)

Letter to Legislators - April 2023 (State Aid)

Letter to Legislators - March 2023 (Michigan Activity Pass)

Letter to Legislators - February 2023 (March is Reading Month)

Letter to Legislators - January 2023 (Welcome to the 102nd Legislators)

Letter to Legislators - August 2022 (Library Stats)

Letter to Candidates - August 2022 (Library Stats)

Letter to Legislators - July 2022 (Bookmobile)

Letter to Legislators - May 2022  (MI Library Is Now)

Letter to Legislators - April 2022  (School Library Month)

Letter to Legislators - March 2022 (March is Reading Month)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - February 3, 2022 (Libraries Help Bridge the Digital Divide)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - January 13, 2022 (Thank you for supporting libraries)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - December 2, 2021 (Early Childhood Literacy)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - November 4, 2021 (Fine Free)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - October 7, 2021 (Library Cooperatives)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - August 12, 2021 (Library of Things)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - July 1, 2021 (Bridging the Digital Divide)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - June 10, 2021 (Penal Fines)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - May 6, 2021 (State Aid Investment)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - March 4, 2021 (March is Reading Month)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - February 4, 2021 (Workforce Development)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - January 14, 2021 (Michigan’s ELibrary - MeL)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - December 7, 2020 (Uniting Michigan Libraries)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - November 5, 2020 (School Library Support)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - October 1, 2020 (Library Statistics)

Letter to Legislators Newsletter - September 1, 2020 (Library Services through COVID-19)

MI Right to Read

MI Right to Read is an initiative of the Michigan Library Association (MLA), coordinated through the leadership of the Intellectual Freedom Task Force. The coalition opposes any attempts to ban books from Michigan libraries based on content subjectively deemed inappropriate. Its purpose is to build a coalition, educate the public, oppose any current or future legislation that infringe upon First Amendment rights and intellectual freedom, and ensure that librarians across Michigan will be entrusted to continue to do their jobs and serve the needs of ALL individuals and communities. Visit for more information and to join the coalition.

March 2023 - Libraries Do Not Purchase, Stock or Supply Illegal “Obscene” Materials

January 2023 - Stay Engaged and Take Action

November 2022 - Collection Development and Commonly Challenged Topics

September 2022 - Extremist Rhetoric and Misinformation Are Harmful

August 2022 - Views. Values. Voice. Vote.

July 2022 - MI Right to Read Intellectual Freedom Fact Sheet

June 2022 - Take Action for MI Right to Read


Uniting the Michigan Library Community

MLA is proud to partner with organizations serving the library community.

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