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MLA 2021 Virtual Conference Archives

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So You Want to Be a Library Director? Part 1 & 2

The library director is an essential position. The director sets the tone for the organization, shapes its culture, influences its hiring decisions, and works with the governing body, staff and community to chart a mission, vision and goals for the library. It is an exciting and rewarding job, yet finding good candidates for open positions is becoming more and more challenging, as library workers shy away from moving into administration. Without good library directors, what happens to the future of libraries? Part 2, will help you prepare for your interview, introduce you to commonly asked questions from library director interviews, and help you figure out how to answer them. This session includes plenty of time for Q & A.


Remote Work Renaissance 

Well, we got through that pandemic, and some people still want to work remotely - now what? Let's spend some time exploring a number of best practices that employers are using to ensure remote work is mutually beneficial; from topics of efficiency to the technology being used, to the impact on culture, and considerations for library policies. The year 2020 prompted a renaissance in how and where work can be performed. Let's consider the lessons learned as we plan for the future.


Opening Keynote With Susan Banks - The Future Can’t Wait: New Fuel for Post-Pandemic Libraries 

As librarians, we know the public tends to assume that libraries don’t or can’t change quickly.  We also know that nothing could be further from the truth.  Everything that’s happened, from COVID-19 to efforts to dismantle systemic racism have shaken libraries to their core and are asking us to rebuild what we do on new foundation.  We’ll take an interactive tour around the changes that the last year plus have brought to libraries and library practice and talk about what we know waits just around the corner for our libraries and our communities. 


"Create" text over orange space backgroundLet Us Help Onboard Front-Line Staff with the MeL Maven Badge

The MeL Maven Badge alleviates your training stress by providing 6 self-paced courses to support your front-line staff in the areas of information literacy and MeL’s eResources. Courses use real-world reference situations like solving a Pinterest fail, providing research services to city officials, and homework help to provide your staff with a deep dive into the Top 10 MeL eResources. Learners who complete all six courses and successfully complete a quiz will earn their MeL Maven Badge!


"Create" text over orange space backgroundWelcoming Everyone: Creating Equitable, and Inclusive Library Policies

Public libraries must constantly adopt and manage policies, and crafting legal policies means wrestling with multiple considerations. Should these considerations include the impact on specific communities such as immigrants, BIPOC, LBGTQ+, the elderly, and the disabled? How should the needs of these populations determine amendments or shifts in policy? This session will look at library policies through the lens of minorities, particularly the BIPOC community and provide some policy drafting tips and suggestions for libraries striving to connect and serve.

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