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MLA 2021 Virtual Conference Archives

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Library Law Q&A

Like any public entity, public libraries have multiple legal considerations. But toss in the additional constitutional and establishment issues, and you have one unique legal environment. Join a practicing Library Law Attorney and a Law Librarian turned Library Law Consultant for a casual Q&A session where participants will determine the topics of discussion and where everyone will learn that pretty much every library has (legal) issues, and every legal issue has (some kind of) a resolution.


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Even before the pandemic, many libraries were experiencing a decrease in visits. Librarians need to take not only their programs/services but also their knowledge and materials to the people! Podcasts have become one of the best ways to reach an audience. The cost of equipment has become less expensive and easier to use. Many patrons listen to podcasts to learn, which aligns with most library strategic goals. Also, a good podcast entertains and encourages patrons to visit the library!  Participants will learn about the best podcast practices, equipment, and how to publish. We guarantee you will be entertained!


Libraries Build Business

Learn information about ALA’s Libraries Build Business initiative from the project’s manager and a sample of participating libraries.


Michigan Penal Fines and Libraries

Track: Lead

Michigan is the only state to have constitutionally mandated funding for libraries through penal fines. Penal fines account for 3% to 70% of public libraries' annual budgets, and this funding source is an important priority for the MLA Advocacy and Legislative Committee. The collection and distribution of penal fines can be complicated to understand, join this session to learn more about the history of penal fines and the impact this unique funding source has on public libraries in various regions of the state. 


Catch Me When My Millage Falls: A Proposal to Reform the Headlee Amendment and Proposal A to Stabilize Property Tax Revenues

The main source of funding for the majority of Michigan libraries is from property taxes. Two state laws, the Headlee Amendment and Proposal A, have created budget constraints for libraries and municipalities by limiting tax revenues during times of economic growth, but have no floor on how much property valuations can fall for tax purposes during economic recessions. This has resulted in a significant loss of revenue, and the need for libraries and cities to have to go for “Headlee Override” millages or find other ways to address budget shortfalls. The Michigan Municipal League is leading a coalition of organizations in advocating for two simple fixes through a legislative change that would allow communities’ revenue to track with the state’s economy. Join us to learn more about the history and impact of Headlee and Proposal A, the plan to reform the law, and where libraries fit in!

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