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MLA 2021 Virtual Conference Archives

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Lightning Bolt on a galaxy backgroundWhat I Learned About Managing Up in COVID Panic Mode

Did you get to know yourself better during the pandemic? Did you get to know your boss better, too? This library consultant did!


Lightning Bolt on a galaxy backgroundStorytime To Go

In this session, we will discuss how to make a take home Storytime Kit that best utilizes the five concepts of early literacy: read, sing, play, learn and talk.  I will talk attendees through each aspect of the kit and explain the decisions that went into it.


Lightning Bolt on a galaxy backgroundIt's a Wash: Library at the Laundromat

During this session, participants will learn about the Wash and Learn Initiative (WALI) and WALI Community Toolkit (WCT) to transform laundromats into community learning spaces. Libraries Without Borders developed this toolkit to enable community leaders, librarians, and local organizations to start their own WALI program. The program brings together libraries, local nonprofits, and small businesses to provide innovative digital inclusion outreach at laundromats.


Lightning Bolt on a galaxy backgroundThe MLA Mentorship Program Helped Us Both

Have you thought about participating in the MLA Mentorship Program? Sarah used the experience to check her career progress and explore using her skill set to contribute to the profession outside of her current work space. With her mentor, she took four MSUE wellness courses and the two wrote a blog post about self-care in the workplace that they published in California. By the end, Sarah was writing original copy to promote academic eResources in the MeL Maven Badge. Hear from this pair!


Lightning Bolt on a galaxy backgroundOut of the Office and Away from Home: Tips for Working Just About Anywhere

If you are one of the professionals that is working away from the office or even away from home, this session will focus on tools and tips to continue working smoothly with your laptop and your smartphone. With that being said, lessons learned on how to deal with lost/stolen devices that are used for work will also be covered. Some of the tools and tips that will be covered will include:

  • Working away from the office
  • What tools to use to get your message across when you can't connect in the office
  • How to keep task focused
  • Working away from home
  • Tethering: Using your smartphone's data plan in addition to a laptop to conduct your work from just about anywhere
  • When your mobile device is lost or stolen: How to prepare for this and what steps to take afterward
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