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MLA 2021 Virtual Conference Archives

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"Create" text over orange space backgroundLet Us Help Onboard Front-Line Staff with the MeL Maven Badge

The MeL Maven Badge alleviates your training stress by providing 6 self-paced courses to support your front-line staff in the areas of information literacy and MeL’s eResources. Courses use real-world reference situations like solving a Pinterest fail, providing research services to city officials, and homework help to provide your staff with a deep dive into the Top 10 MeL eResources. Learners who complete all six courses and successfully complete a quiz will earn their MeL Maven Badge!


"Create" text over orange space backgroundWelcoming Everyone: Creating Equitable, and Inclusive Library Policies

Public libraries must constantly adopt and manage policies, and crafting legal policies means wrestling with multiple considerations. Should these considerations include the impact on specific communities such as immigrants, BIPOC, LBGTQ+, the elderly, and the disabled? How should the needs of these populations determine amendments or shifts in policy? This session will look at library policies through the lens of minorities, particularly the BIPOC community and provide some policy drafting tips and suggestions for libraries striving to connect and serve.


"Create" text over orange space backgroundThe CryptoLibrary: NFTs, Copyright, and the Future of Intellectual Property on the Blockchain

This session aims to give participants an introduction to the latest innovation from the world of cryptocurrencies- non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs allow digital assets to be minted as unique items that can be verified and traced back to their original provenance. This will make the impossible possible and revolutionize all aspects of our lives- finance, art, entertainment, education, etc. Come to the CryptoLibrary to see the future of the blockchain.


"Create" text over orange space backgroundFinance and Budgeting for Libraries

Sound financial management is the cornerstone of a healthy bottom line. With this session, you will increase your financial awareness from the professionals and learn how to implement these tools in the real-world library setting.


"Create" text over orange space backgroundTransforming Teen Services

Transforming Teen Services is a nationwide initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association. Transforming Teen Services aims to support and elevate teen services in libraries and other learning environments by integrating connected learning, computational thinking, and youth development to help build responsive services for and with teens.

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