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MLA Advocacy Update

MLA Advocacy - February 28, 2019

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State Budget Due March 5

The Governor's budget will be proposed on March 5. At that time we will have an indication of the administration's priorities. Once we are aware of the library support we can expect from the governor, we can begin building our support among the legislature. It is unlikely we will see a budget completed prior to the summer break.


MLA Advocacy - January 24, 2019

Interior image of the Michigan State Capitol DomePractice Advocacy Every Day

The new legislature is getting settled and our new Governor is gearing up for her first State of the State on February 5. We're busy figuring out the new committee members and who could have a big impact on state aid to libraries this year. We'll be meeting with new legislators soon and recommend that you reach out to your new elected officials and invite them into the library for a tour, coffee hour, or any community event. 


MLA Advocacy - December 21, 2018

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Special Lame Duck Update: What passed, what died and what is still in question.

At 4.:30 a.m. this morning the House was still in session passing bills. They started at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday. The Senate adjourned at 8:18 a.m. after their marathon session. The 2018 legislative year and contentious lame duck session is finally over. We'll be watching for any legislation that may have passed in the dark of night as legislators finished up work on their final bills.


MLA Advocacy - November 29, 2018

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NARCAN Bills Head to Senate Floor

SB 828 and 829 cleared the Senate Health Policy Committee this week and are headed to the Senate floor. The bills would offer liability protection for libraries when providing the life-saving opioid antidote naloxone, common brand name Narcan, to an overdosing patron. Recently, the Senate Health Policy Committee took testimony on SB 828 and 829, and as a result of testimony headed up by MLA President Kristin Shelley, the committee chair requested an amendment to the legislation which would protect all public locations from liability including libraries. While this delayed the legislation briefly the broader implications for public safety are tremendous. We fully expect legislation to be signed into law by the end of this legislative session.


MLA Advocacy - October 25, 2018

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All eyes are on the November 6 election. Even the pundits aren't predicting winners and losers. In part, that's because political polling has become unreliable. In the past, a telephone poll of 700 voters would garner more than 500 results. Now a poll might get a handful of folks to answer questions. As a result, pollsters are increasingly in the dark about what to expect on election day.

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