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The Ypsilanti District Library strives to create spaces, programs, and collections that welcome and reflect our diverse community. As services shifted to online and outside the library, we continued to prioritize inclusion. See how we develop online asynchronous programs for kids with anti-racism and self-care as well as STEAM activities, multicultural activities that involved community members, and Build Your Own Storytime components and kits for parents with very young children. Learn how we use our connections and knowledge of our community when applying for funding and distributing supply kits for online youth programs to create inclusive, empowering virtual library services for all families.


  • Share ideas youth librarians can use to develop inclusive and empowering virtual library spaces and activities.
  • Share tips about assessing community needs through connections with people and community partners to get activities, supplies, and services to under-resourced families.
  • Provide a space for attendees to exchange ideas about how they are meeting needs in their communities during this time.


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