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Written by Kathleen Zaenger, 2016-2017 MLA President and 2017-18 Nominating Committee Chair   
Thursday, April 12, 2018 12:00 AM

MLA Leadership Development - April 12, 2018

This year as immediate past president, it was my privilege to chair the MLA Board of Directors Nominating Committee. It is the nominating committee's responsibility to present a slate of candidates to the Board for their approval.

It is important to maintain and continually develop a strong board for MLA. The Nominating Committee looks for well-rounded candidates, possessing some of the following leadership traits or skills: big picture focus/global outlook, change agent, innovative, open-minded and knowledge of current issues. When selecting candidates we take into account the candidate's contributions to MLA via committee and work group membership and legislative and advocacy participation. Greater weight is given to those candidates exhibiting continued support and service to MLA. Also, care is taken to consider the geographic representation of the current board makeup during the selection of possible future board members. This is to ensure a good balance of candidates from various regions of the state.

If members run and lose, it is a bit discouraging, especially if they don't understand the process very well. We also understand it can be discouraging not to be placed on the ballot. We are hoping to build a stronger leadership base with a better understanding of the election process as well as what it means to serve on the board or as an officer.

As part of a continuing process to develop leaders in the MLA Membership, there is a new committee forming that will encompass the MLA Nominating Committee. The goal is to cultivate greater leadership potential within the MLA membership in order to maintain strong and effective governance.

To provide you with additional details of the ongoing process, here is the committee report provided to the MLA Board.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me, Kathleen Zaenger, or Gail Madziar at the MLA office by emailing [email protected].


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