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Thursday, February 22, 2024 12:00 AM

Governor Whitmer Proposes No Increase to State Aid to Libraries in FY25 Budget

As we have experienced for 8 years of the Snyder Administration and the 6th year of Governor Whitmer’s administration, the FY25 State Aid to Libraries budget remains flat. We also saw no increases for Library of Michigan programs/staff. (Link to the full GF budget below – Library of Michigan budget is on page 76.)

While this is disappointing, we will continue to advocate and find House and Senate ambassadors to increase this line item before the final budget is adopted in early summer. Our current State Aid to Libraries stands at $15.5 million.  We will be advocating for an additional $2 million during our Advocacy Day in Lansing.

Other areas that libraries might find important in the proposed $80.7 billion budget ($14.3 billion for General Fund, and $19 billion for school aid) include:

  • $251.2 million to help students reach their full academic potential, including continuation of payments for literacy grants and literacy coaches.
  • $200 million for tutoring through the MI Kids Back on Track program, and continuation of expanded learning opportunities ($50 million) through before and after school programs.
  • $159 million for continued expansion of free pre-K to every 4-year-old in Michigan
  • $5 million one-time and $11.1 million ongoing for the Arts and Cultural Program to expand grants to arts and cultural institutions that support the economy and contribute to vibrant communities.
  • 2.5% increase in operations funding for public universities and community colleges
  • 2.5% increase in funding for K-12 schools
  • 5% increase in statutory revenue-sharing payments to cities, villages, and townships

Budget documents and materials are available here:


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