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Friday, May 26, 2023 12:00 AM

What Do Michiganders Really Think? MLA Public Opinion Survey on Public Libraries And Book Banning

In March 2023, the Michigan Library Association contracted with EPIC-MRA, a full-service survey research firm with expertise in Public Opinion Surveys and Market Research Studies to conduct a statewide survey on library issues. While we have been using national studies to prove that book banning and censorship issues are not tolerated by the majority of voters in the country, we now have solid Michigan data to back this up.

Our work with EPIC-MRA has produced a statistically valid, stratified survey of 800 voters in Michigan regarding awareness of, and attitudes toward, the increasingly intense and coordinated efforts to dictate the collection content of local public libraries. We produced a statewide summary as well as 11 regional summaries based on the Michigan Cooperative Library regions. Visit MLA's website to view details including the full survey results, Frequency Report, and cross tabs.


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