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Friday, January 27, 2023 12:00 AM

State Aid to Public Libraries

In 1977, the State Aid to Public Libraries Act (Act 89 of 1977) was enacted and funding for public libraries and cooperatives was set at $0.50/capita. Based on the rate of inflation, $0.50/capita in 1977 would be equivalent to approximately $2.50/capita in 2023. It took 46 years to reach only $0.50/capita. It is now long past time to increase the state's financial investment to keep our 397 public library systems viable and strong in each of our Michigan communities.

The total amount of State Aid to Public Libraries in FY2023 is $15,567,700 with a per capita breakdown of $.503478 for direct and indirect State Aid to Public Libraries. Cooperative per capita of $.503478 and a density payment of $10.069561 per square mile. Visit the State of Michigan's Library of Michigan webpage for information on the State Aid to Libraries Act 1977 PA 89, application instructions, annual per capita aid amounts, statistical information on payments to libraries, and options for assistance.


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