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Friday, August 26, 2022 12:00 AM

How Can You Help Protect the Right to Read in Michigan?

MI Right to Read is an MLA initiative coordinated through the leadership of the Intellectual Freedom Task Force to protect the right to read in Michigan. Below are a few things you can do to take action for the right to read and support all Michiganders' First Amendment rights.

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Build the Coalition.

There is strength in numbers. If you have not done so already, please invite friends, family, and colleagues to join the MI Right to Read coalition and be fully prepared to defend First Amendment rights.

Write a Letter.

We encourage you to write a letter to your local media and let them know how much you value your library and librarians. Remember to keep your letter short, personal, positive, and proactive, and take a firm stance on protecting the right to read.

Be an Ally.

Right now is a difficult time to work in libraries. Let library workers know they have support in their community. It only takes a quick phone call, email, or thank you note to encourage and support library workers who are dealing with misinformation and personal attacks. Thank them for their work, ask if they need help, and share your contact information so they know they can call on you.

Fight Misinformation.

There are very real consequences of misinformation and political rhetoric about library collections. Stay informed about local issues and threats to ban books in your library. Do your part to keep your community informed by sharing information about intellectual freedom and the right to read.

What is intellectual freedom? What's the difference between a material ban and a challenge? What does this have to do with the First Amendment? Read the MI Right to Read Intellectual Freedom Fact Sheet for answers to FAQs and get informed so you're ready to protect every Michigander's right to read!

Post on Social.

Our Intellectual Freedom Toolkit Message Center has pre-written posts to help spread the word on social media. Craft your own message in support of the right to read or use any of our examples. Plus, be sure to follow MI Right to Read on Twitter and Facebook and share our posts.


MI Right to Read provides educational resources and support for librarians and library boards across the state to stop misinformation campaigns and protect the right to read for all Michiganders. Donations of any amount are welcome to the MLA Advocacy Resource Fund to help support this work.

You can also donate to the Fund Patmos Library 2023 GoFundMe campaign that was established by a Jamestown resident. Learn more.

I Will Protect MI Students' Right to Read I Will Protect MI Patrons' Right to Read

Download social media graphics and check out suggested social media copy in our intellectual freedom toolkit message center. Tag us @MIRightToRead!


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