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Thursday, March 08, 2018 12:00 AM

Executive Director's Desk - March 8, 2018

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NIS Insurance Start Date Adjusted to July 1, 2018

MLA has partnered with National Insurance Services, Inc. (NIS) to provide another resource for affordable health care coverage to member library staff. We have been waiting patiently for this benefit to begin. When we initiated this program in 2017 it was a much simpler process than it is currently. We fully expected plans and rates in place by January 1 of this year.

Unfortunately, President Trump's executive order last year targeting the Affordable Care Act prompted some adjustments in the product offerings by NIS' partnership with MLA. It meant the group had to develop a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) as part of their program. In part, this change ensured that any libraries who wish to join the program after the initial startup will be able to do so without requiring that the entire group and its rates be re-evaluated.

The application process for a MEWA is very complicated. It requires completion of a long checklist to apply for certification from the state. We sincerely regret the delay in getting the program underway. This response to the President's order is necessary to ensure a reliable and useful insurance product for our members. NIS is determined to provide MLA libraries with a stable program for years to come. As a result, they are going through the process with as much care and detail as possible. It is their goal to have our MEWA be one of the top performers in the state.

It looks like July 1, 2018 is our target date for plan availability. The good news is this should make it less cumbersome to move to a new insurance carrier since it will be close to open enrollment for many.

We are disappointed by this delay. We are confident that once the program is in place it will be a service to our libraries as NIS commands better rates for us and makes it worth the wait. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you informed as the process progresses.

Please feel free to contact Jason Rushton, Employee Benefits Consultant, National Insurance Services, Inc., at (800) 627-3660 or [email protected]. Visit for additional information.

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