Thursday, May 17, 2018 12:00 AM

Contact your Senator TODAY to Save Library Penal Fines

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House Bill 5090 must be stopped. House Bill 5090 changes how fines from weigh stations are distributed. Under the proposed legislation, failure to stop at a weigh station would be changed from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction and exempt certain vehicles. This means a reduction in penal fines to libraries since civil infraction penalties are lower than misdemeanor penalties.

This bill moved through the House without recognition of an analysis that found that it will reduce library funding.

Please contact your Senator and urge them to talk with Sen. Tom Casperson, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, to tell him your library opposes this bill as it negatively impacts library funding. Email, call or tweet your message using MLA's Advocacy Action Center. Use the sample email messages and talking points provided or share a personal message on how a reduction in penal fines will negatively impact your library.

Encourage your Senator to contact MLA or GCSI with further questions.

To contact your Senator today go to and click the "Take Action" button.

If you have questions, please contact us at 517-394-2774 or [email protected].

Thank you for your support and quick action on this important issue impacting library funding in the state of Michigan.

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