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Written by Deborah E. Mikula, MLA Executive Director   

Letter From Debbie

For the past month, I have been thinking of (and documenting) all the wonderful accomplishments of MLA. The last few years have been extraordinary as evidenced by the increases in our advocacy efforts, our membership numbers and engagement, and attendance at our professional development activities. We have seen huge growth in meeting our mission and I am so proud to see the changes that make our association so strong and credible.

As we begin the process of orienting, inducting and engaging newly elected board members and officers on July 1 (see election results below), we are excited to include their input, wisdom, time and energy, as we continue to move MLA forward. 

But there are a few that I want to call out and make sure that you know how important they are to the accomplishments of MLA. As I reflect over the course of the past three years, four individuals, who have all served as the organization’s Presidents, have guided me, prodded me, and mentored me every step of the way. They’ve given me space and encouragement to outline a new path. They are at the other end of the line every single time I’ve called. They have shared their values and their insight which has strengthened my own. They were all in the room when I was hired and they have been my “sounding board” and support system since – they are truly special leaders, not only for MLA but in their own communities and organizations as well -- Kristin Shelley, Jennifer Dean, Kelly Richards and Ryan Wieber – I am blessed that they have been there for me (then and now). And as of the close of the MLA election cycle earlier this week, we are adding Scott Duimstra to that group as well. I am one lucky Executive Director.

Deborah E. Mikula
Executive Director

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