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Thursday, September 23, 2021 03:44 PM

State of Michigan Budget Updates

September 23, 2021

Last week, legislative leadership and Governor Whitmer’s administration issued a joint announcement that a budget deal had been finalized for the FY22 state budget.  On Tuesday, Sept. 21, legislative leaders moved a massive $50 billion spending plan out of a joint House-Senate conference committee that has shaped the FY22 general government omnibus budget.  On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the House and Senate, in separate votes,  gave quick approval to the spending plan. The Governor has indicated she will sign it in time for it to take effect for the new fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

Linked here is the summary of the General Omnibus Conference Report which outlines the updates and changes to the General Fund:

Libraries can expect the following:

  • State Aid will be increasing by $2M this year (Page 23) – for a total in FY22 of $15,067,000

  • $100,000 was added for a Poet Laureate (page 24)

  • $800,000 was added for a new school/public library partnership pilot program (page 24); and 

  • $4.2 M in federal ARPA funding (page 167)

A daunting document, the full budget is outlined in SB82 – concurred bills from the House and Senate:

The Library of Michigan Budget on Page 102 includes 33 Full-time equated classified positions equaling $4,935,600, MeL at 1 FTE at $1,727,700, for a total gross appropriation of $30,345,000.  Federal revenues of $5,614,000 and Library fees of $300,000 account for a State general fund/general purpose budget of $24,431,000.

On page 122, the language outlining the new $800,000 Library pilot program is outlined.

This year the budget increase comes largely because of federal COVID funding, and also because state tax revenues exceeded projections earlier in the pandemic. It should be noted that upwards of $10 billion more in federal COVID relief money still remains to be distributed and will be included in supplemental budgets to be approved later in the year. 

Advocacy happens year-round! Your messages to our legislators over the years have resonated and we are thankful every time you contact your legislators by picking up the phone, writing a note, sharing an email, inviting them to read a story, hold their coffee hours at your library, and/or responding to an MLA call to action. 

This year, our voices have been heard! Our advocacy efforts have paid off! We did it! Your membership in MLA helps make this happen!

Take time today – RIGHT THIS MINUTE to thank your Senator, your House Member, and the Governor. You can find your legislators and send an email using the button below. We’ve created a quick thank you template if you need it, but feel free to personalize and share your appreciation.



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