MLA Welcomes Riz to the Team

August 26, 2021

MLA is adding more talent to our team! We are proud to announce that Riz Hatton, a Detroit native and senior at Michigan State University will be joining us as an intern for three months as our social media strategist to promote both MLA and Michigan’s awesome libraries and library workers.

How did we choose Riz? Well, we found out that RIz is a stellar writer with imagination and a creative flair and we felt that she would be able to adapt and translate MLA’s voice and personality into digital content. In her cover letter she wrote, “When I was a child, there was a fake dragon inside of a castle surrounded by books in the kid’s section at my local library. Trips to the library were exciting and fun and I believe everyone should experience the joy libraries bring.” 

Riz’s resume is already packed full of great media experiences – creating strong and worthy content, graphics and video. She is the founder and chief editor of Peach Publications, an arts and culture publication, and also currently serves as the marketing intern for the Michigan State Alumni Office. And she also performs in a leadership role at VIM Magazine as the director of diversity and inclusion, which is a student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine at Michigan State. In December, Riz will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a concentration in writing, reporting and editing.

At MLA, Riz will work on social media projects like content development, photos, graphics, analytics and engagement. She will help us refine our use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging and more for promoting libraries. She will also work with us on promotional, writing and research projects. 

We are excited to welcome her to MLA and also excited to expand our communication efforts on our social media channels.


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