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MLA 2018 Poster Sessions

Join poster presenters at the Your Professional Connection and Poster Reception, Thursday, October 18, 5:45 - 6:45 p.m. This casual, inclusive reception brings emerging professionals, local MLIS program alumni and established librarians from all backgrounds together to learn about innovative new projects, network and grow professionally. 

Harnessing Wikipedia as a Tool: An Analysis of Traffic Sources

Today, users of all backgrounds obtain a huge amount of information from Wikipedia. Attempting to increase the visibility of the Wayne State University Digital Collections, I introduced links to our Collections on relevant Wikipedia articles. Following an analysis of data obtained through Google Analytics, I discovered that traffic to our Digital Collections from Wikipedia had increased significantly. I will present the results of this analysis and will discuss the steps that all librarians can take to become a Wikipedia editor and to enhance and diversify their traffic sources to their own unique collections.

Krysta Vincent, Wayne State University

Postcards From Cuba's Libraries

This poster will share information gathered during a May 2018 visit to Havana, Cuba. The Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba Jose Martin will be the main focus of this poster presentation. Other libraries will be featured as well. This poster presentation will share both the public and staff areas of these libraries.

Beth Lowe, Fowlerville District Library

Usability, Accessibility and Design: Refactoring LibApps at Wayne State University

In spring 2018, Wayne State University Libraries began tackling a long-awaited migration to LibAnswers v2. Anticipating this upgrade, we developed the following goals for this project to enhance the accessibility and usability of our LibApps resources: 1) update out-of-date LibGuides content, 2) create a style guide adhering to WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements, 3) re-skin LibApps CSS to match updated library branding, and, finally, 4) migrate LibAnswers v1 to LibAnswers v2. This poster will cover our process from planning to launch, detailing tools, standards and guides that helped us along the way.

Maria Nuccilli, Wayne State University Libraries

Does Sierra Api Fit Into Your Use Case?

Do you know there exists an excellent service called Sierra API? It enables fetching bibliographic records without using ILS client software. It can even search numerous metadata attributes in various ways. Come to this poster to get a free consultation for your use case.

Minhao Jiang, Wayne State University

Beyond Using the Library: Engaging Millennials as Advocates and Civic Library Leaders

According to Pew Research, Millennials are the generation that visits the library most frequently. Library boards (trustees, friends, and foundations), however, feature disproportionately low numbers of Millennials in their ranks. United for Libraries noticed this discrepancy and pitched a project to increase Millennial engagement to the ALA Emerging Leaders program. After a series of interviews and a nationwide survey, the Emerging Leaders team identified barriers to and incentives for Millennial participation on library boards.

Kathy Kosinski, Library of Michigan

2017 Library Soup Grant Winner - Video Game Design Lab

The Orion Township Public Library used funds from the MLA Library Soup Grant in 2017 to create a video game design lab for teens. During the six week program, teens created a video game from start to finish - from writing the story, to creating digital art, and coding the game itself. The library used the grant to buy Adobe Creative software and digital art tablets, which were used to create art assets for the game. The completed game was added to circulation at the library to share with friends and family of the creators.

Dan Major, Orion Township Public Library

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Traverse Area District Library member and branch libraries have embraced the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program and have seen a great response from our communities. With so much focus on 3rd grade reading proficiency, this program gives families a fun way to proactively make reading a daily part of their lives. Learn about setting up a 1KB4K program at your library, successes and failures, networking opportunities, and ancillary programs that can support your community’s early literacy goals.

Andy Schuck, Traverse Area District Library

Robin's Nest: A Small-Town Library's Adventure in Digitization

Robin's Nest: A Small-Town Library's Adventure in Digitization chronicles the process from beginning to present day of Camden Township Library's online digitization project. This presentation will show the good and not-so-good experiences of a small class II library as they created a database to help preserve local history.

Laura Orlowski, Camden Township Library


Big Impact, Small Effort: Implementing a Low-Cost, Highly-Inclusive Recognition Program With Huge Results

Evolving from a need for an inclusive, low-cost, low-effort way to recognize colleagues at all levels, the Wayne State University Library System created "High Five," a values-rooted, peer-to-peer recognition program that allows staff to recognize each other by sending "virtual" High Fives. Nothing is too big or too small to High Five-- covering a shift, helping with a project or going above and beyond expectations are the types of things recognized. Everyone nominated is entered into a quarterly drawing to win one of three $20 gift cards and, more recently, we've added a monthly drawing where nominees have a chance to win special High Five branded swag. This simple program has helped cultivate a culture of recognition that we hope to grow in years to come and it can be put in place for success at any library.

Jill Wurm, Wayne State University

Living Well at CMPL: A Senior Day at the Library

In May 2018, the Clinton-Macomb Public Library hosted its first annual 55+ Living Well at CMPL senior event. The event was structured conference style, with breakfast, a keynote speaker, breakout sessions and exhibitors. The goal of the day was to provide access to information and resources relevant to the 55+ community. Learn from our experience and consider planning a senior day at your own library.

Meghan Mott, Clinton-Macomb Public Library


Uniting the Michigan Library Community

MLA is proud to partner with organizations serving the library community.

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