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MLA 2021 Virtual Conference Archives

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Connect to the Future of PBS Books

PBS Books is helping libraries nationwide connect with their communities. Learn how PBS Books developed the numerous free resources available (book lists, programs, author talk videos for adults and kids, and more), explore our EDI content and ways to use it, and see strategies to connect with your PBS local station. Plus, brainstorm about how PBS Books can help you connect to the future and how your library might want to get more involved with PBS Books.


Beyond the Virus

The impact of the global pandemic on our children and what libraries can do to help.   


Besides Book Clubs: When You Are in Charge of Programs

Tired of storytimes, book clubs, and the standard library events? Spice up your programming calendar with unique activities and learn how to tailor to your community and build from your successes. But what makes a good program and where do your ideas come from? Who can you work with? For library staff just starting out to seasoned professionals who need to kick start their creativity, come break out of your box and join this interactive presentation.


Bees in the D: Building the Motor City Bee Highway


Rediscovering Outreach: Moving through COVID and Beyond

Different patron groups require different approaches to outreach. In this presentation, attendees will hear from librarians working with K-12 students, senior citizens, and other community-based groups. Presenters will give an overview of how their outreach strategies evolved, and how COVID-19 necessitated different ways of connecting. Presenters will share what they plan to keep as part of their outreach repertoire, and where they hope to take their outreach programs in the future.

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