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MLA 2021 Virtual Conference Archives

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Opening Keynote With Susan Banks - The Future Can’t Wait: New Fuel for Post-Pandemic Libraries 

As librarians, we know the public tends to assume that libraries don’t or can’t change quickly.  We also know that nothing could be further from the truth.  Everything that’s happened, from COVID-19 to efforts to dismantle systemic racism have shaken libraries to their core and are asking us to rebuild what we do on new foundation.  We’ll take an interactive tour around the changes that the last year plus have brought to libraries and library practice and talk about what we know waits just around the corner for our libraries and our communities. 


Thursday Morning Keynote With Dan Cable - Becoming Exceptional

Each of us already has a version of ourselves that is uniquely outstanding—all we have to do is access it. In this session, we will look at the science of how we can get there more often, and help others do the same. Our discussion will focus on how we can discover our best possible self, and unlock our potential. We also will discuss how to energize people and improve our social relationships using the power of gratitude and celebrating strengths. Finally, we will discuss crafting our jobs and our lives so that they feel whole, meaningful, and alive.


Wednesday Afternoon Keynote With Jewell Parker Rhodes - Building Connections and Empowering Youth

Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes advocates for equity, inclusion, and an end to racism and racial bias. She will share her work and discuss how character-driven stories and "empowered voices" rooted in self-love and compassion lay the foundation for a brighter future for our youth. Dr. Rhodes will also discuss the diversity of books as a civil rights frontier and the power of librarians to help children draw connections and unify us all.


Thursday Closing Keynote With Bill Baker - The Power of Storytelling

Of all the communication tools available, storytelling has always been one of the most powerful. Throughout history, leaders have always used storytelling to connect people to ideas, to each other, and to a vision of the future they want to be a part of and make real. In this engaging and enlightening keynote presentation, Strategic Storyteller Bill Baker will explain how we can use storytelling to improve the impact of our communications and, with that, our ability to persuade, influence and inspire key stakeholders. Bill will walk us through the same fundamentals of effective storytelling he teaches to executives and directors of Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations all over the world.


Transitioning and Sustaining Community Connection for Newly Employed Library Workers during COVID

Entering a higher education institution as a new library employee often means identifying your role, allies, and methods to reach the community served. Identifying and reaching out becomes even more challenging when employee attrition results in a large loss of institutional knowledge. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced an academic library to shut down physical services, traditional means of establishing relationships with the community were further complicated. This case study explores this library's successes and failures in reaching out to a community during the high-stress, remote teaching and learning situation.

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