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MLA Advocacy Update

MLA Advocacy - January 26, 2017

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Tax Capture Relief Next Steps

Governor Rick Snyder signed into law SB 619-624 now PA 505-510 providing for specially dedicated library millages to be exempt from a number of tax captures. This achievement not only ensures millions of future tax dollars will go to libraries, but it is recognition by the legislature and administration that libraries are unique and important. Our special millages were the only ones given consideration (only the fourth historically) for an exemption in a year that saw a multitude of TIFA bills introduced. This is an incredible recognition by the Michigan legislature of the importance of libraries in this state.


MLA Advocacy - December 22, 2016

Interior image of the Michigan State Capitol Dome

Tax Capture Relief Bills Enrolled and Waiting Presentation to the Governor for Signature

Our efforts to exempt libraries from tax capture have been ongoing for many years. This past year we have made tremendous progress with both the House and Senate passing legislation exempting libraries from a number of tax captures. It is through the outstanding efforts of hundreds of MLA members and dedicated librarians, your Michigan Library Association and the GCSI lobbying team that we were able to move this far toward a goal this organization has been working on for more than two decades.


MLA Advocacy - November 23, 2016

Interior image of the Michigan State Capitol DomeThanksgiving is the time of year we like to take a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for. Of course, family and friends are first on my list. However, I am also grateful for the opportunity to work for the libraries and library professionals who help make our communities vibrant, inviting and informed. This is also a good time to say thank you to the hundreds of librarians who engage their elected officials and meet with them on a regular basis. I especially send my appreciation to those who serve on the MLA Legislative Committee and MLA Board of Directors along with the librarians I have called on repeatedly to contact their legislator to help us move a bill or support a position. Without your support, my job would be impossible.


MLA Advocacy - October 27, 2016

Interior image of the Michigan State Capitol DomeOctober has been relatively quiet at the Capitol. The House remained on break while the Senate was in session last week. Both chambers return after the election on November 9 and 10. Then they are off for two weeks and resume November 29 and 30 and again for seven days in December.


MLA Advocacy - September 22, 2016

Interior image of the Michigan State Capitol Dome

Tax Capture Legislation Headed for a Hearing

The MLA initiated tax capture package SB 579 and SB 619-624 are currently in the House Tax Policy Committee. We met with the committee chair Rep. Farrington who has assured us he is considering the bills for a hearing this fall.

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