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Written by Steven K. Bowers, 2017-2018 MLA President   
Thursday, June 14, 2018 12:00 AM

President's Update - June 14, 2018

MLA 2017-18 President Steven Bowers

I sometimes get worn out but I sure love the work that I am involved with. My day job keeps me busy supporting library systems for my consortium's member libraries. My institution is moving forward with change on many fronts. Working with the Michigan Library Association for the past several years has been encouraging and personally rewarding. And every spring I get to teach a course on library and information science. All of these things excite me, on top of my kids getting ready to enjoy the summer months.

Whether we feel worn out from work or worn down from current events or circumstances, I think we each have to try to contribute something every day. We are each asked to give to our fellow humans, but we also often get something from our efforts. I envision a future for libraries in Michigan that has all of us working together to better the lives of the people we serve.

I think we each have to find something to keep us going, motivated, and even excited. For me, teaching an annual course on library systems is always challenging and enlightening. I set out to impart all I know with a new group of students each year and I always end up learning a lot of new things myself. The best thing is that I get to encourage others to be as excited as I am about working in our profession and in serving others.

I can't believe summer is here and another year has flown by. This week the MLA Board of Directors has the privilege of attending our annual retreat followed by our transitional Board meeting. I have really appreciated working with all of the Board this year and am very pleased to have a great new group of leaders on the Board to guide the association's efforts in the coming year. I look forward to continuing my service on the Board, as Immediate Past President, as we move ahead with efforts to support all libraries in Michigan.

If you have taken the time to read my notes, I thank you for letting me send out my thoughts each month for the past year. Now I hope you take the time to read a great book this summer, just for fun! I know I will!

Another One Bites the Dust,


P.S. – I leave you with my MLA playlist:


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