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Breakout sessions are 60 minutes in length. Submit your proposals that elevate the ideas of intellectual freedom, networking, equity, diversity, inclusion, collaboration, programming, management, taking control of hot button issues, and more.

The conference theme this year is "Press Play”. Curate a playlist of educational content with the ability to pause for self-care, rewind to learn from the past, and fast-forward to look towards the future. And don’t forget to press play to focus on the movement, reignite your purpose, and dive back into what’s happening right now!

This invitation extends to all library professionals and partners from first-time to experienced presenters as well as professional speakers and subject matter experts.


New Process for Proposals

MLA will now be using the Slideroom platform for proposal submission as well as some nominations and applications. This change aims to make it easier to review and organize proposals and applications, shorten the time it takes for applicants to receive a reply, and streamline our internal processes.

Proposal information will still be posted at milibraries.org/call-for-proposals, but from there applicants will be directed to milibraries.slideroom.com. MLA’s slide room homepage will list all open programs – just select the application you wish to complete and setup a Slideroom account. You will be able to login to this account to see updates and submit future applications and proposals.

  1. Creating an Account is easy as 1-2-3
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Create a passwordVerify your account via an email link

The application form will be very similar to past MLA applications, and full details can be previewed before beginning your application.

Once you hit submit you are all set and will be notified via email with updates and a decision as it is reached.


Uniting the Michigan Library Community

MLA is proud to partner with organizations serving the library community.

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