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Friday, February 24, 2023 03:51 PM

Michigan State Budget Cycle

The Michigan state budget supports libraries, education, housing, childcare and healthcare. Most importantly, the state budget supports the people who live here. State budgets can seem very complex, but in reality, it boils down to a plan for spending available resources on the services that Michigan communities need and value. Below is an outline of the year-long Michigan state budget cycle and simple ways for you to help influence and advocate for how these resources are spent.

Graphic of steps in Michigan Budget cycle.

image of budget one page flyer


From October to February, the Governor and state departments begin to prepare the budget. During this time, it’s a great way to build relationships with your legislators. Building an ongoing relationship with your legislators is critical. Even if your legislators don’t sit on the committees that appropriate funds, they will have a vote on the final budget. As a voter in their district, your priorities are important to them.


In February the Governor releases her proposed budget. Continue to reach out to your Senators and Representatives and build relationships with them.


From February through April, appropriations sub-committees are formed in the House and Senate who meet to craft their own version of a spending plan. You can find who sits on the committees by visiting This is the best time for public input with your legislators. Letters, emails, phone calls, coffee hours…let your voices be heard.


In April and May the sub-committee budget moves through the House and Senate with possible amendments. Continue reaching out to Legislators about your priorities in support and/or in opposition.


In late May to early June, joint House and Senate committees meet to iron out differences between budgets passed by the House and Senate. Conference committee changes are then sent to all Legislators for final approval. No amendments are allowed at this stage. To find out who is on the conference committee visit


The Legislature must present the final budget bills to the Governor by July 1st. The Governor can veto specific items.


The final budget must be signed by October 1st. Then the budget cycle begins again.

Download the Michigan Budget Cycle Flyer (PDF)


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