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Written by Tashia Miller, ALA Councilor, MLA Board of Directors   
Thursday, February 23, 2023 12:00 AM

ALA Councilor's Report - February 2023

At the 2023 LibLearnX (LLX) conference the ALA Council sessions were divided into a special session and two regular meetings. 

The special session focused on finalizing the language and recommendations of council members in the bylaws draft before it is put to vote by the general membership as the singular governance document. Several amendments and recommended changes were addressed by members of council regarding the language of the bylaws draft document. These included discussion of amendments concerning intent and language for the policies establishing or defining articles of the new bylaws:

  • Composition of the ALA Executive Board

  • Council duties and responsibilities

  • Reduction in the number of councilors at-large from 50

  • Adoption of language regarding virtual and hybrid meetings

  • Update to the list of standing committees to include the Intellectual Freedom Committee

Much of the discussion was on the pending changes to council including the reduction of councilor-at-large and the effect such an action would have on future council diversity. All policy-related revisions within the revised bylaws will be updated in the ALA Policy Manual if approved by the general membership during the spring vote.

The following two regular sessions included several reports by ALA Officers, committee chairs and workgroups highlighting their work over the past year. Highlights include 2022 updates to the Core Competencies of Librarianship, modifications to the Code of Conduct committee and inclusion of online activity to the Code of Conduct.

ALA-APA reported it will continue to provide its popular Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) and Library Support Staff Certification programs and will be the new home to the AFL-CIO/ALA joint committee. 

Three new Executive Board members were elected by council. Stephanie Chase, Sophia Sotilleo and Steven Yates, will begin their terms after the 2023 Annual Conference.

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By Tashia Miller
ALA Councilor, MLA Board of Directors


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