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Thursday, February 25, 2021 03:30 PM

MLA Members Meet With New Legislators

February 25, 2021

February has been a busy month of meet and greets with our freshman legislators. Approximately 30 new house members were elected last November, took office in January, and MLA has been busy ever since setting up 30-minute introductory Zoom meetings with each of them. The new legislators have been very open to our conversations and have expressed their sincere support for libraries throughout Michigan. 

The calls have included MLA Executive Director, Debbie Mikula, MLA lobbyist, Bob DeVries and a library director or two from the new legislators' districts. In addition, stepping up for all 30 calls is Jenny Marr, MLA’s Advocacy and Legislative Committee Chair and director at the Ferndale Area District Library. She has made it her mission to help lead these conversations and focus attention on the general issues that tend to come in front of our legislators. A special thank you for her time and energy to participate fully.

Special shout out to our members who have joined us (or will be joining us) on these calls to share their programs/services, successes and challenges during the pandemic, and invite our legislators to join them for coffee hours and reading opportunities!

Thank you to Lance Werner, Garrett Hungerford, Michelle Howard, Steve Bowers, Jennifer Dean, Kay Schwartz, Lorrie Taylor, Maria McCarville, Holly Ward Lamb, Mallorie DeVilbiss, Juliane Morian, Bobbi Schoon, Don Priest, Ryan Wieber, Riti Grover, Trish Burns, Mary Hill, Nancy Bellaire, David Conklin, Julie Farkas, Jacalynn Harvey, Amelie Dawson, Eva Davis, Josie Parker, Brandi Swinehart, Nicole Market, Jessica Rivett, Kate Van Auken, Jackie Skinner and Tamara Sochacka. We are grateful for their contributions to these calls.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in a meet and greet!


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