Bylaws, Policies, Financials

Important documents for our organization.


Bylaws – Revised Oct. 2019
Articles of Incorporation (Restated 2008)


MLA Employee Handbook

Board Policies

MLA Code of Conduct Policy
MLA Code of Responsibility v0609
MLA Conflict of Interest v0615
MLA Confidentiality Agreement v0914
MLA Whistleblower Policy v0210
MLA Unlawful Harassment Policy
MLA Problem Solving Policy BOD v0915

Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statement 2015
Audited Financial Statement 2016
Audited Financial Statement 2017
Audited Financial Statement 2018

IRS Form 990

IRS 990-2015
IRS 990-2016
IRS 990-2017
IRS 990-2018

Annual Meeting Reports

MLA Annual Report 2018-2019.pdf
Year-end Review 2018
Year-end Review 2017
Year-end Review 2016

Strategic Vision

MLA Annual and Strategic Direction 2019