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Letter from Debbie

August 22, 2019

If you've been watching our Facebook page this summer you know that MLA has been on the road around the state, enjoying behind the scene tours, and participating in thought-provoking conversations about where you, our members, feel we should head. With our leadership transition firmly established, I am inspired by the honest and open dialog that I am having at these visits. You’ve stated that you want MLA to be intentional about our future, to move the needle, to look outward at other industries, and bring a fresh, new perspective to our collective impact.


Free Narcan Prescription for Public Libraries

August 22, 2019

Pictured left to right: Larry Neal, Director, Clinton-Macomb Public Library; Kristin Shelley, Director, East Lansing Public Library; Bob DeVries, GCSI; Debbie Mikula, Executive Director, Michigan Library Association; Governor Gretchen Whitmer; Audrey Wojno; Senator Paul Wojno; Connie Platte and Bill Drake, Senator Wojno staff members. Front and center: Abby DeVries.

We are still celebrating the huge victory for our libraries and librarians with the passage of the Narcan bill package this past June. This new legislation provides liability protection for libraries when providing the life-saving opioid antidote naloxone, common brand name Narcan, to an overdosing patron. Recently, Governor Whitmer invited MLA and others to a ceremonial bill signing. MLA’s advocacy efforts have again been recognized with this signed, sealed and delivered legislation. But it doesn’t stop there.


ALA 2019 Annual Chapter Councilor Report

Michigan Chapter Councilor Jennifer Dean's ALA 2019 Councilor Report now available. Read the report here.

Written by Jennifer L. Dean, University of Detroit Mercy Libraries   

Update: ALA Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness

Recognizing a need for organization-wide change to ensure member engagement and financial viability, the American Library Association (ALA) Executive Board created the Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE) in 2018, with the following charge:

Carry out a comprehensive review and study of ALA’s governance, member participation, and legal structures and systems, with the goal of proposing changes that will vitalize its success, strength and agility as a 21st-century association.

Written by Deborah E. Mikula, MLA Executive Director   

Notes From the Executive Director

Deborah E. Mikula headshot

A New Face, A New Voice

Two weeks ago, I took my first step into the MLA office and my first thought: I'm ready, on day one, minute one, to share my knowledge and expertise gained over the past 35+ years with you. It makes me incredibly happy to step in and step up for MLA! It has been a whirlwind two weeks so far, to be ingrained in the inner workings of this organization, introduced to some very passionate and extraordinary librarians, and to continue to build on relationships with esteemed colleagues and bring some new ones into the mix. Without hesitation, I’ve found my new “home.” 

Written by Juliane Morian, Clinton-Macomb Public Library   

MLA Code of Conduct Training: Reflections and Takeaways

In June, MLA took a deep dive into the new MLA Code of Conduct Policy now in effect for all functions and events that the association hosts. The policy is comprehensive and deliberate in explaining acceptable and unacceptable behavior. It affects all attendees, vendors, and staff (including any hospitality staff) interacting with the MLA event, and therefore understanding the policy, and how to implement it consistently, is crucial. MLA is committed to ensuring a safe, productive, and welcome environment for all professional development activities and events.


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Signs Narcan Bills Into Law

June 27, 2019

On Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 1:41 p.m. Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Narcan bill package into law, with immediate effect. These bills will provide liability protection for libraries when providing the life-saving opioid antidote naloxone, common brand name Narcan, to an overdosing patron. This is a huge victory for our libraries and librarians.

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