MLA Statement to Libraries on COVID-19 Second Wave: Be Safe, Stay Vigilant

November 13, 2020

Eight months after the first closure of our libraries and our community businesses due to the global pandemic, we are again facing wide-spread spikes in deaths and confirmed cases within Michigan, our country and our world. The second wave is here.

The Michigan Library Association (MLA) is using our role as a leader and advocate of Michigan libraries to urge you, community by community, to take appropriate precautions to prevent further transmission of the virus.

MLA commends the libraries and local officials who continue to put the safety of their staff and patrons at the top of their priorities by scaling back services. We understand that hard decisions will need to be made in the near future, and we fully support library boards and administrations who take an abundance of caution and care. This is a challenging time for all of us as we respond to the coronavirus and the continued uncertainty surrounding it.

While no firm directive was delivered yesterday about the spiking numbers of coronavirus cases, Governor Whitmer stated that no one is safe and that cases are skyrocketing throughout Michigan at alarming rates. She stated we are in worse shape now than in the spring and she reminded everyone as the weather begins to grow colder to wash your hands, keep your distance, cancel holiday get-togethers, and above all else - wear a mask. MDHHS stated that as of Nov. 12, 2020, there were 236,225 cases and 7,811 deaths - giving the state a 10.8 positivity rate. Governor Whitmer stated that the trajectory of cases is dire, even more serious now, and that there will likely be additional steps taken in the near future to help correct this.

MLA will do our best to stay on top of this evolving and fluid situation and to communicate with you regularly and fully as conditions change.

Be safe, stay vigilant.

MLA Board of Directors and Staff


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