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Friday, February 24, 2023 12:00 AM

Take Five Minutes Today to Build a Relationship With Your Legislators

Being a good library advocate means that you must first build good relationships and the first step to building a good relationship with your Michigan legislators is introducing yourself!

We are asking all MLA members to TAKE 5! Take five minutes to email your State Senator and Representative and introduce yourself. Congratulate them on their election if they are new. Invite them to the library for a behind-the-scenes tour and introduce them to the library staff. If they don’t have a library card, invite them to come and sign up. Invite them to hold a coffee hour in your library. Invite them to read out loud during March is Reading Month. Invite them to your next program. Offer yourself/your organization or MLA as a resource for finding solutions to the issues that libraries face.

Please customize the email template! Share your library name and contact information. What program or initiative are you excited about at your library? How has your library helped your community? Share a personal story or anecdote about how your library is making an impact in the lives of Michiganders.

Make sure you edit our prewritten template before you hit send! Feel free to customize any part of your message, but please note the [****text****] areas must be edited in the email before you submit your message.

Don’t wait until issues and challenges arise before getting to know your House and Senate members. Today is the day to introduce yourselves.

We’ve made it easy…and it should only take five minutes!

The 102nd Legislature Committee Assignments have been confirmed. If your legislator is on a committee it will be even more important to connect with them about the importance of libraries. House committees can be found here and Senate committees can be viewed here.


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