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Michigan Library Advocacy Day 2021

Take Action for Libraries!

Check out More Than Books and review our talking points to get ready to share your love of libraries with your legislators! On April 20th, check here for templates for email messages and tweets. Plus, we will make it simple to contact your legislators. All you will need to do is visit this page and contact your legislators using Calls to Action that will be embedded here. (Even if you haven't registered you can still take action for libraries using our Calls to Action.)

Don't forget to review all of our Educate and Prepare videos to get informed on issues of importance to libraries and get ready to share your stories with legislators. Download the Advocacy Day Overview and Logistics(pdf) to view complete details and an overview of the day so you are ready to advocate for Michigan libraries!

Talking Points and Templates

  1. The Michigan library community thanks the Michigan Legislature for increasing state aid to public libraries by $1 million in 2021 and continues to request additional investment in public libraries.

  2. The Michigan library community recommends that funds be allocated by the Michigan Legislature to support school libraries staffed by certified school librarians.

  3. The Michigan library community recommends that the Michigan Legislature support Open Education Resources (OER).

Review our More Than Books video and the in-depth talking points linked below to get ready to advocate for libraries and library services. Sample emails and social media posts are included to help you draft communications to your legislators. Remember to check back here on April 20 to contact your legislators through our website using embedded contact forms that will have draft emails and tweets you will be able to use as-is or personalize with your unique stories and messages.

State Aid to Public Libraries - Talking Points - Michigan Library Advocacy Day 2021.pdf

School Library Talking Points - Michigan Library Advocacy Day 2021.pdf

OER Talking Points - Michigan Library Advocacy Day 2021.pdf

Sample Social Media Posts

@yourlegislator Thank you for supporting public libraries by supporting funding for State Aid to Libraries in FY21! Michigan’s public libraries rely on these funds to serve Michigan communities Please continue to support funding for libraries! #MILibrariesDay #LoveMILibraries

Michigan libraries provide education, training and resources to our communities. @yourlegislator please continue to invest in libraries and fully fund State Aid to Libraries in FY22! #LoveMILibraries #MILibrariesDay

MI is 47th in the U.S. in supporting school libraries. We can do better! Support student achievement & access to diverse resources for all students in MI by supporting equitable access to school libraries staffed by certified school librarians. #MISchoolLibrary #MILibrariesDay

All of Michigan’s students need school librarians who provide access to diverse resources, improve student achievement, prepare students for college and career, and support technology integration. #MISchoolLibrary #MILibrariesDay

Michiganders deserve equitable access to learning opportunities! The use of open education resources in colleges and universities impacts the success of students and makes obtaining a college degree more accessible for all. #MIAcademicLibraries #MILibrariesDay

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