Work Groups

2016-2017 Professional Development Work Groups

MLA 2017 Annual Conference

  • Chair:  Holly Ward-Lamb, Howell Carnegie District Library
  • Asante Cain, Grand Rapids Public Library
  • Jerilee Cook, Howell Carnegie District Library
  • Sean Lyons, Capital Area District Libraries
  • Tera Moon, Bloomfield Township Public Library
  • Kate Pohjola Andrade, Woodlands Library Cooperative
  • Jennifer Roth, Hartland’s Cromaine Library
  • Xiaoming Xu, Andrews University
  • Kimberly Young, Houghton Lake Public Library

Spring Institute

  • Chair:  Janice Heilman, Howell Carnegie District Library
  • Vice Chair:  Thais Rousseau, Capital Area District Libraries
  • Hillary Berry, Paw Paw District Library
  • Brandon Bowman, Oak Park Public Library
  • Liz Clauder, Bloomfield Township Public Library
  • Robbie Flowers, Detroit Public Library
  • April Hughes, Cass District Library
  • Jocelyn Levin, Baldwin Public Library
  • Mindy Schafer, DeWitt District Library
  • Cassie Veselovsky, Capital Area District Libraries
  • Laura Wright, Portage District Library

Academic Libraries 2017

  • Chair:  Tanya Davison, Marygrove College
  • Kathie Mason, Eastern Michigan University
  • Jill Sodt, Mott Community College
  • Tracy Walker, Wayne State University

Hybrid Librarian

  • Chair:  Sherri McConnell, Capital Area District Libraries
  • Emanuela DeCenso, Madonna University
  • Monica Kroondyk, Boyne District Library
  • Jennifer Savage-Dura, Herrick District Library
  • Lisa Valerio-Nowc, Librarian at Large

Community Collaborations - Mental Health in Libraries

  • Chair:  Monique Oldfield, Wayne State University
  • Shayla Boyce, Herrick District Library
  • Stephanie Lyon, Brighton District Library
  • Maria McCarville, Public Libraries of Saginaw
  • Karren Reish, Library of Michigan

Awards Work Groups

Michigan Author Award

Coordinate the application, nomination, selection and promotional process to recognize an outstanding body of work by a current Michigan resident or author whose works are identified with Michigan because of subject. Read more about the Michigan Author Award here.

2016-2017 Work Group:

  • Chair: James Pugh, Clarkston Independence District Library
  • Nisa Kesseler, Petoskey District Library
  • Kristen Valyi-Hax, Harper Woods Public Library
  • Kimberly White, Public Libraries of Saginaw

MLA Awards

Select the winners of the MLA Awards including MLA Heart of a Champion, recognizing exceptional commitment to libraries and/or the library profession, and the Frances H. Pletz Award for Excellence in Service to Youth, recognizing a MLA member who has made an outstanding contribution to library service to youth. Read more about MLA Awards here.

2016-2017 Work Group:

  • Chair: Jolee Hamlin, Capital Area District Libraries
  • Andrea Smalley, Vicksburg District Library / Portage District Library
  • Eric Stanton, Capital Area District Libraries (Okemos)

Mitten Award

Recognizes one children’s book published in the current calendar year that captures the attention of Michigan librarians for children up to age 6. Read more about the Mitten Award here.

2016-2017 Work Group:

  • Chair: Dena Moscheck, Lapeer District Library
  • Dee Beaver, Brighton Area Schools
  • Audra  Eddy, Saline District Library
  • Hillary Evans, Kent District Library- Grandville Branch
  • Emily Hudak, Bloomfield Township Public Library
  • Jessica Hunt, White Cloud Community Library
  • Amy Nolan, St. Joseph/Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library
  • Amy Young, Clinton-Macomb Public Library
  • Kristy Zeluff, Portage District Library
  • Jessica Zubik, Chelsea District Library

YouPer (Young Person) Award

Recognizes one children’s book published in the current calendar year that captures the attention of Michigan librarians for children ages 7-12. Read more about the YouPer Award here.

2016-2017 Work Group:

  • Chair: Whitney Hagen, Paw Paw District Library
  • Vice Chair: Tracy Bedford, Clarkston Independence District Library
  • Andrea Cosier, Manistee County library
  • Alexa Hirsch, Syracuse University
  • Courtnei Moyses, Kent District Library - Cascade Township Branch
  • Lynn Pearce, Clinton-Macomb Public Library
  • Paulina Poplawska, Capital Area District Libraries
  • Carolyn Sherrill, Sterling Heights Public Library
  • Diana Wenger, Grand Rapids Public Library
  • Nicole Gillies, Bacon Memorial District Library

Thumbs Up! Award

Recognizes an outstanding contribution to teen literature that has both literary quality and teen appeal for those 13 to 18 years of age. Read more about the Thumbs Up! Award here.

2016-2017 Work Group:

  • Chair: Abigail  Dame, Kalamazoo Public Library
  • Allison Boyer, Loutit District Library
  • Heather Draft, Cromaine District Library
  • Sarah Eisele, St. Joseph Public LIbrary
  • Stewart Fritz, Kalamazoo Public Library
  • Erin Holmes, Clarkston Independence District Library
  • Shanni Kerr, Ionia Community Library
  • Sara Magnuson, Kent District Library
  • Ashlee McClaughry, Comstock Township Library
  • Killian Weston, Chesterfield Twp Library/Bloomfield Twp Library
  • Elizabeth Wierenga, Kent District Library- Plainfield Twp.
  • Barbara Dinan, Plymouth District Library