Communications and Membership Micro Volunteer Opportunties

Communications and Membership micro volunteer opportunities are dynamic and less structured than term or task-oriented volunteer jobs. Volunteers will receive information on opportunities as they become available. The time frame for a micro volunteer commitment is July 2018 through June 2019. The functional working time will vary by assignment.

To participate, volunteers must maintain current MLA individual membership throughout the volunteer term. Upon acceptance, you will be advised of your current membership status and any necessary action. Non-members can join MLA online or by calling 517-394-2774.

Communications and Membership Micro Volunteer Opportunities

Made up of several ad hoc opportunities, Communications and Membership Micro Volunteer Opportunities offer you the flexibility to pick and choose from activities that interest you most during your volunteer term. Examples of micro volunteer opportunities include creating member-driven content to be published in monthly newsletters, and on the MLA Website, promote MLA events and activities by sharing content from the official MLA social media accounts as well as creating your own MLA-focused postings and tasks that support member satisfaction, engagement and  recruitment.

  • Desirable skills: Interpersonal communication; knowledge of MLA benefits; networking; public relations; social media savvy; strong writing skills; ability to plan and meet deadlines.
  • Responsibilities: Active participation in curating and creating high quality content, meet deadlines, work collaboratively with MLA staff to adhere to MLA's writers guidelines and brand standards, ongoing clear communication with staff, accepting assignments from MLA. Volunteers are expected to complete ad hoc tasks within the specified timeline for that task. Additional responsibilities related to specific ad hoc opportunities will be included in assignments. Must maintain current MLA individual membership throughout the volunteer term.
  • Time commitment: Volunteers will receive micro-volunteer assignments as they become available. Time to complete assignments may vary.