Thanks to our Spring Institute 2016 Exhibitors!


Abdo Publishing Company http://abdopublishing.com//
Alex Thomas and Friends http://www.alexthomasandfriends.com/
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum https://www.aahom.org/
Arts & Scraps http://www.artsandscraps.org/
AWE Learning https://awelearning.com/
Baker & Taylor, Inc. http://www.baker-taylor.com/
Books Galore, Inc. http://www.booksgaloreinc.com/
Cirque Amongus http://cirqueamongus.com/
Howell Nature Center http://howellnaturecenter.org/
Mad Science of Detroit http://detroit.madscience.org/
Once Upon a Puppet LLC http://www.puppetlady.net/
Organization for Bat Conservation https://batconservation.org/
The Book Farm, Inc. http://www.thebookfarminc.com/home.php
Variety Entertainment http://jasonvarietyshow.com/jason
Zeemo Productions http://www.zeemoshows.com/


All exhibits are sold out!

For those wishing to engage with SI attendees, sponsorship opportunities are available.

Contact Information
For additional information please contact Kristy Doak, Director of Professional Development and Meeting Planning at 517-394-2774 or kdoak@milibraries.org.

Download the Spring Institute 2016 Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunity Brochure (PDF)