Program Tracks

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Leaders inspire.They escort individuals toward success. Library leaders promote both individual and team growth. Programs in the LEAD track should provide participants the information and tools needed to build healthy organizations that innovate and excel.

Play provides opportunities to explore, discover and take risks. People that play are more likely to discover new concepts and skills. Programs in the PLAY track should provide participants with fun ways to build better libraries.

Creativity means more than making art. The creative process encourages innovation and solution-focused thinking. Libraries need to be more creative to survive. Programs in the CREATE track should provide participants with ideas on how to invoke the creative spirit in their libraries.

Thinking is conscious and active. People who think often develop an idea, plan or design by creating meaning from different perspectives. Thinking is the first step in taking action. Programs in the THINK track should not just be philosophical, but also provide a course toward taking action.

Libraries become stronger through the connections they make with other organizations. Individuals grow when they actively foster a sense of connection. Programs in the CONNECT track should provide information on how both libraries and library employees can exchange ideas while working together for the betterment of a community.

Growth happens after something has been planted. Growth in a library setting can be done on a personal, programmatic, institutional or wider level. Programs in the GROW track should provide participants with ideas and examples of how to grow any of these possibilities into their best possible outcome.

Growth and creativity often invoke elements of risk to achieve forward movement. Risk can be exhilarating or frightening. Programs in the RISK track should provide participants with a clear-eyed view of ideas and initiatives that use risk to their advantage and provide ways to overcome or use the fears may surface in order to achieve a positive result.