Call for Posters

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The MLA 2015 Annual Conference work group invites you to submit a poster session proposal presenting how you or your institution represents the mission of libraries. Do you lead with exciting or helpful services? Do you encourage play and creativity to spark innovative solutions? How do you craft connections and encourage growth? Is your library a place that fosters risk?  Is the ability to think openly championed? Your colleagues not only want to hear about your ideas, but interact with you at the conference. Let's talk about what we are doing in our individual libraries and how it moves the profession forward. 

Poster Sessions - Basic Information & Guidelines

Posters should 

  1. introduce unique collections or services (or)
  2. discuss a problem and the research, action, or methodology us ed to solve that problem (or)
  3. outline findings of research or study.
  • Displays will be exhibited on Wednesday, October 28 at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi.
    • Set-up time will be 7:00 am - 11:00 am.
    • Posters/materials will be unmanned and available for preview from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
    • Submitters must be present to host their poster on from 5:30 - 7:30 pm during the Poster Session Reception.
  • Provided at no charge to poster exhibitor will be one tri-fold foam presentation board with dimensions of 36" height X 48" width (24" center panel and 12" side panels) along with one table (approximately 2' X 6').
  • Presenters must bring their own pins, tacks, or other material to mount their displays on the display board, or have their displays already mounted on their own poster board which they can display on the table top.
  • Displays should be visually appealing (charts, photographs, diagrams, graphics, illustrations, etc.) and clearly state the purpose of the display. Displays should also be large enough to be seen from a distance of several feet.
  • Presenters should bring any handouts or other supplementary materials and a sign-up sheet to record names and email addresses of attendees who may like additional information. An ample supply of business cards is also encouraged.
  • Neither MLA nor the Suburban Collection Showplace can be responsible for materials, equipment or personal belongings left at your exhibit. Please make sure to take adequate precautions to protect your valuables.
Submission Information for Poster Sessions
To submit your proposal to participate in the Poster Session, please complete the online form.
The required information includes:
  • Presenter's name, institution and email
  • Poster session title
  • Poster session description (limit 100 words)
  • Goal
  • Target audience
  • Track affiliation 
     Notification of acceptance sent to submitters via email by Monday, May 4, 2015.

Download a PDF copy of the complete Call for Posters for details.