Michigan Library Association and National Insurance Services (NIS) Partnership

Among the biggest concerns facing libraries today is managing skyrocketing health insurance premiums. Because of this, MLA has been working to provide a way for members to better manage these costs.

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with National Insurance Services (NIS) to provide much needed health insurance consulting for Michigan libraries. After being extensively vetted by the MLA office and the Michigan Library Association Board of Directors, NIS was selected to offer a new insurance management opportunity to MLA members.

NIS is an employee benefits firm that specializes in working with schools, cities, counties and other governmental organizations such as libraries. They are trusted by over 2,500 public sector organizations and 400,000 insured individuals in 29 states. You can read more about them at www.NISBenefits.com/about.

NIS has spent a great deal of time meeting and talking with library directors to better understand the needs of the library community. From these meetings, NIS has developed a unique plan that could increase coverage options while reducing premiums. While there is no guarantee that all libraries will see savings, we encourage you to talk with them to see if their solution would be a good fit for your library.

NIS will be reaching out to you in the weeks to come. Your library must be a current MLA organizational member to participate in the NIS program. For more information, please contact Brian Mitchell, Market Development in Michigan at bmitchell@nisbenefits.com, or call 269-569-4033.

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