Governor Snyder Signs Library Tax Capture Relief Bills


Governor Rick Snyder signed into law SB 619-624 now PA 505-510 providing for specially dedicated library millages to be exempt from a number of tax captures. Through the outstanding efforts of hundreds of MLA members and dedicated librarians, your Michigan Library Association and the GCSI team, we were able to accomplish a goal this organization has been working toward for more than two decades.

Libraries were the only special millage given consideration for exemption (only the fourth historically) from tax capture. This is an incredible recognition by the Michigan legislature of the importance of libraries in this state.

We extend our appreciation to:

  • Governor Rick Snyder for signing this legislation into law
  • Senator Jack Brandenburg (R-Harrison Township) for his extraordinary work on behalf of libraries
  • Bill sponsors: Sen. Mike Kowall (R-White Lake), Sen. Jim Marleau (R-Lake Orion), Sen. Pete MacGregor (R-Rockford), Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), Sen. Jim Stamas (R-Midland), and Sen. David Robertson (R-Grand Blanc).
  • And to the Michigan legislature for their unwavering support of our libraries.

And finally, thank you MLA members and library supporters. Without our collective efforts led by outstanding librarian leadership and a very dedicated MLA, this success would not have been possible.

This legislation means millions of future tax dollars will go to our libraries. The legislation pertains to: 1980 PA 450 Tax Increment Finance Authority Act;  1975 PA 197 Downtown Development Authority;  2005 PA 280 Corridor Improvement Authority Act;  2008 PA 94 Water Resource Improvement Tax Increment Finance Authority Act;  1986 PA 281 The Local Development Financing Act; and 2004 PA 530 Historical Neighborhood Tax Increment Financing Authority Act. Under the new laws:

  1. Libraries are exempt from all new tax capture. A library may choose to participate (opt in).
    • Exception: City libraries established under PA 164 section 1 or 10 a (MCL 25 397.201 and 397.210A) or established under 1869 LA 233 should continue to work with their city leadership on an opt out plan if that is their choice.
  2. A library may now opt out of any current tax capture when it changes either its boundaries or extends the duration of an existing finance plan.
  3. Libraries are exempted from any current tax capture if the tax capture authority has no current outstanding debt obligation.

These accomplishments are a tremendous first step and our work continues on this important issue.

Please take a moment to contact Governor Snyder and thank him for supporting libraries.
To contact the governor today, go to and click the "Take Action" button.
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