Executive Director's Desk - December 10, 2015


Happy 125th Anniversary to MLA

On January 13, 1891 a librarian at Coldwater Free Public Library wrote a letter to Henry M. Utley the director of the Detroit Public Library. She wanted to continue discussions that began at the 1890 ALA meeting in New Hampshire about organizing a state library association. That forward thinking librarian was Mary A. Eddy. Could she have imagined that 125 years later, the organization she had the forethought to envision continues to fight for libraries through their advocacy efforts and service to librarians’ educational and networking needs.  

Mary Eddy saw the necessity to connect librarians from around the state to discuss current topics in the library field and to work together for the benefit of Michigan library patrons.

In 2016, MLA celebrates 125 years serving members. We’re asking you to help us honor the past by sending us your stories and photos of MLA and your library. If your library is 125 or more years old, be sure to let us know so we can observe the occasion together.

We’ll be celebrating the future with special MLA communications and events throughout the year. You especially won’t want to miss the anniversary bash at MLA 2016 October 26 through 28 in Lansing. Did you know that in 1946, MLA annual conference was held aboard a cruise ship? The group cruised from Detroit to Mackinac Island and on to Chicago. While we can’t rival the excitement of a cruise, we will have memories and festivities that will spark both nostalgia and opportunity.

MLA Tax Capture Package Now in the Senate

Our seven bill package eliminates most automatic tax captures (Downtown Development Authorities DDA, Tax Increment Financing TIF) for libraries including those pre 1994 as long as there is no bond attached to the entity. The bills passed unanimously out of the Senate Finance Committee and we expect to see them taken up soon. Please make a phone call to your Senator encouraging support. You can find information on our Engage web page.  Passage of the bills would mean the tax capture would reach out and build a relationship with the library, explain their projects and then let the library board make an informed decision if allocating a portion of their funding to the tax capture is beneficial for all parties including library patrons. It would no longer allow automatic tax capture from pre 1994 TIFAs.

Happy holidays.


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