Join the social media vanguard team for all things MLA. Help promote MLA events and activities by sharing content from the official MLA social media accounts as well as your own MLA-focused postings.

MLAgents act as our eyes and ears on the ground, providing “tweets from the street” and sharing their “MLA Live!” experiences via social media at annual conference and workhops. MLAgents may also share association news, important announcements and just-for-fun information throughout the year.

If you are active in social media and would like to help spread the word about MLA events and activities, please complete the form below.

By applying to become an MLAgent, you agree to let MLA publish your social media username(s) on the MLA website and in print and digital material relating to MLA events and activities for the purpose of expanding MLA's social media reach.



To be considered for the MLAgents program, please provide your username or a direct link to your page for at least one of the following social media channels on which you are active. (Example: @MLAOffice or www/

You do not need to provide a username or link for every channel, only those on which you are willing to help promote MLA events and activities as an MLAgent.

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