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Welcome to the new Michigan Library Association website! We’ve took your feedback and worked with an outstanding design and development firm to provide you with a streamlined, responsive communication tool for sharing the latest information on professional development opportunities, advocacy efforts and trends in the library community.

Not only is the new site cleaner and easier to navigate with fewer clicks, it functions equally well on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. Less blog-like in structure, the site prominently features more graphics to help tell our stories. New modules like “Events Calendar” and “News” highlight key, current information while organizing the details in a way that makes it simple to read and share.

While it’s been just over three months since we launched the new design, improvements have already been made and the site will continue to evolve to best meet member needs. If you have comments or feedback on how we can make the website more a stronger communication tool, please email your ideas to MLA@milibraries.org.

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Home page

Home_headerVisitors can quickly and easily access any information they need directly from the home page. Links for News, Events, social media and the Michigan Library Resource guide are located at the top of the homepage for fast access.

Consistent top row navigation makes it easy to move to anywhere from anywhere. When we asked members what they wanted most in the new site, this ranked among the highest answers. No matter what page you are on, the navigation remains consistent.

The main page slideshow highlights news, event and advocacy items worthy of immediate attention by site visitors with bold graphics and links to further details. Next to the slideshow are four action shortcut buttons that will link you directly to the most utilized pages on the site.


news-eventsSharing news and information is one of the prime goals of the MLA website, but keeping the content organized and easily accessible was a challenge for our former design. The Recent News feature on the homepage calls out the seven most recently published articles and provides a link to the full list of available articles – from advocacy updates to member news articles to media highlights and beyond – all conveniently organized in one location and searchable by category.

Below Recent News is Upcoming Events, featuring a large graphic highlighting the next event along with a calendar view of the current month. Click on the link to view all events and you will be taken to the new Event Calendar where you can view details of upcoming, current and past events. Individual calendar entries feature maps to the event location, meeting documents for downloading and the ability to export the event to Outlook and share via social media channels.

home_footerThe homepage footer includes helpful “there when you need them” links including FAQs and a site map.


Navigation Highlights


Mem_ddUnder the Membership Benefits and Value, visitors will find a breakdown of the various membership categories with qualifications and dues amounts for each.





LoginSelf-serve online tools include join/renew, pay invoice online and update personal or organizational profile. Because these and registration are only activities that require login on the website, we have eliminated the general login screen and placed credential portals on the actual pages that require login. You will only be required to login once during a website session. To logout of a session, simply click the "logout" button in the left rail navigation column. This button will only appear if you are logged in and is present only on pages that require login, as outlined above.

Professional Development & Networking

EventsIn addition to the comprehensive Event Calendar, details on each of MLA’s professional development events can be found here. Extras like session handouts and post-event photo galleries are also accommodated here. There is also a page highlighting development opportunities outside of MLA.







A roundup of key issues and resources can be found here. ALA is switching from CapWiz to Engage soon and a link will be available under “Contact Your Legislator” as soon as it’s available.

Career Development

jobsWith the new website came a change in job posting vendors. MLA now works with JobTarget to provide members with a more robust career center experience. There are links for both job seekers and employers and expanded opportunities include posting and viewing resumes.







Comm_ddOne of the new features of the site, this tab provides a place to keep up with all the regularly written communication produced by and about MLA. Whether it’s a current or past newsletter, the association president’s monthly message, press releases or media articles, you can find it here. There is also a new survey to submit your own Member Spotlight articles!





Volunteers are the driving force that keeps MLA moving forward. So we are thrilled to dedicate a new space on the website to highlight the ways our volunteers contribute. It also provides a place to showcase Call for Volunteer information, keeping it front and center all year long to appeal to potential volunteers.