2018-19 Board of Directors Election Results


Congratulations to MLA's new directors elected by the membership. Michelle Boisvenue-Fox, Kent District Library was voted President-elect. Richard Schneider was elected Treasurer, Jennifer Dean, University of Detroit Mercy was elected ALA Councilor and Ryan Wieber, Kalamazoo Public Library was elected as member-at-large. Additionally Karen Knox, Orion Township Public Library will be completing Michelle Boisvenue-Fox's at large term through 2019. Their terms begin July 1, 2018.
Many thanks to all the candidates for demonstrating leadership by agreeing to run and to all our members who actively voted. We look forward to a great year!

Please feel free to congratulate our winners.

Michelle Boisvenue-Fox
Kent District Library
MLA Treasurer: ALA Councilor:  
Richard_Schneider_IMG_0115 j._dean_head_shot  

Richard Schneider

Jennifer Dean
University of Detroit Mercy

K._Knox_head_shot wieber_headshot  
Karen Knox
Orion Township Public Library
(Through 2019)
Ryan Wieber
Kalamazoo Public Library
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