2015 FOIA Amendments Tools from Library of Michigan


The Library of Michigan has created a packet of information titled “Developing Documents and Summaries for the 2015 FOIA Amendments.” The samples are adapted from documents developed by and for State of Michigan state government agencies. They are primarily intended as information for district libraries and library cooperatives, but may be helpful to other types of public libraries in processing FOIA requests. For libraries under the umbrella of a municipality or county, please consult with the FOIA Coordinator for that local government entity for guidance. All libraries should discuss specific concerns or circumstances surrounding FOIA requests and the 2015 Amendments with their legal counsel. Any questions on the following materials may be directed to Kimberly Koscielniak at the Library of Michigan.

The information summarizes the 2015 Amendments to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, MCL 15.231 et seq, or “FOIA,” which require a public body to post on a website, or otherwise make accessible to the public, specific information on how the public body processes a request for public records and assesses fees.  Public libraries are included in the definition of “public bodies,” and must follow the Amendments, which become effective on July 1, 2015.

Included in this material are samples of three documents that a public body is required to develop and make accessible to the general public:

  1. The public body’s FOIA Procedures and Guidelines  (Part II)
  2. A fee itemization form to be included in the FOIA Procedures and Guidelines (Part III)
  3. A written summary of the procedures and guidelines that is easy-to-read (Part IV)

You can also find the amending act included within the packet. Thanks to the Library of Michigan for assembling and sharing this valuable information.

Developing Documents and Summaries for the 2015 FOIA Amendments (PDF)


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